Ugly Kids Doing Ugly Things

by Fight Amp



Limited to 500 7" and 500 CDs released on Knife Hits Records, SOLD OUT!


released April 20, 2005

Artwork by Doug Foulke

Recorded November 2004 at Dead Air in Amherst, MA by Will Killingsworth
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side

Knife Hits (500 black vinyl)
Iron Age (CD)


all rights reserved



Fight Amp Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

FIGHT AMPUTATION was a heavy, grungy, hardcore punk crossed with sludgerock trio from the seedy underbelly of Philadelphia's noise rock scene active '04 - '16.
Drawing influence from Dead Kennedys, Cherubs, all things AmRep, His Hero Is Gone, Eyehategod, skateboarding, and foreclosed suburban ghost towns, FIGHT AMP crafted a sound similar to early Melvins filtered through Queens of the Stone Age.
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Track Name: Punk's Dead, We're Next
This is it the final push.
With no one to shove back.
We can try to reclaim but we're next all the same.
And we're already dead.
We're fucked.
Already wasted, but so are you.
Already cursed, but so are you.
Punk's dead we're next.
Unplug yourself.
Track Name: Pushing
Are you happy that you plan your evenings around
A sickening ritual?
For what?
Once you realize hours of your life
Went to making sure that their kids went to private school
You won't be surprised.
They're running our pockets but we don't even fuckin know it.
Cause in our reality it's just another fucking hustle.
Track Name: American Youth
Is it so much to ask for you kids to be influenced
by something other than the TV and the internet?
They tell you to live for shit, so you do.
They tell you to consume it all, so you do.
I hate American youth.
Cause what you do is a phase,
future owners of corporations that you say hate.
That you say you hate.
Track Name: Wrong Side of the Tracks
The line is drawn on roofs and freights.
Malcontent and misled youth.
Their stories told right there for you
on your everyday fucking commute.
Tourists need not apply.
Bystanders keep your fucking mouth shut.
Never question why
Until it hits home keep your fucking mouth shut.
Cause we'll fuck on the floors of all your posh board room crypts
and punch the smug fucking taste out of your mouth.
Not even your trust fund or inflated sense of self will save you.
Nothing will save you.
This is for the kids with no future
This is for the kids who never grow old
Complete disregard for caution or care
This is for the kids with no future

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