by Fight Amp / Kowloon Walled City / Ladder Devils



3 Way Split Featuring Fight Amp/Kowloon Walled City/Ladder Devils. 2 songs per band, 300 pressing of clear vinyl SOLD OUT! 30 pressing of gold vinyl SOLD OUT!


released June 29, 2010

Artwork by Tim Leo
Recorded to 2" tape at Gradwell Studios by Steve Poponi
Mastered by Dave Downham

Label: Brutal Panda Records


all rights reserved



Fight Amp Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

FIGHT AMPUTATION was a heavy, grungy, hardcore punk crossed with sludgerock trio from the seedy underbelly of Philadelphia's noise rock scene active '04 - '16.
Drawing influence from Dead Kennedys, Cherubs, all things AmRep, His Hero Is Gone, Eyehategod, skateboarding, and foreclosed suburban ghost towns, FIGHT AMP crafted a sound similar to early Melvins filtered through Queens of the Stone Age.
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Track Name: Fight Amp - Thankless
Suspect of thankless crime
Sentenced with burning time.
I wouldn't trust the living.
Suspect of thankless crime
Sentenced with burning time.
I wouldn't trust the living.
I got used to saying yes.
Investing sleep in busy hands.
It don't seem fair.
But the sky isn't covered yet.
I wouldn't trust the living.
Track Name: Fight Amp - Old Soul
Forward past my landlocked past life.
So much for home.
Blank stares, blank waves.
I steal the urge to swim.
Instead I'm dry.
I've seen faces that have walked
As long as me but not as far.
Youth set them free.
I'm waiting.
Repeat to repeat.
Glad to grow up.
God fear the end of luck.
You're not finished yet.
Sleep won't wait.
Trophy pride, the winners song.
You're afraid the distractions gone.

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